A la noche arreboles


Afterglow at night, the next day sun
Linocut print.
Hahnemühle paper of 300 g.
40 x 40 cm.
Limited edition of 30 prints (available for purchase here).

«Arreboles» is the Spanish word to describe a meteorogical event that can be observed in the late afternoon and, according to popular tradition, it predicts a sunny morning the next day. It is a luminous phenomenom that takes place when the light of sunset falls on a sky full of clouds, dyeing them with vibrant reddish colours. This ancestral knowledge is gathered in a popular saying that today is practically in desuse: «Afterglow at night, the next day sun» (in Spanish, «A la noche arreboles, a la mañana soles»).

La vida es una fiesta, Ainoa Riesco. Linograbado. Linocut print. Obra gráfica.
Ilustración. Grabado. LInograbado. Girasol.