Que se secan los pimientos


Peppers are drying out
Linocut print.
Hahnemühle paper of 300g 40×40 cm
Limited edition of 40 prints (available for purchase here).

A popular song from Ponferrada (the capital city of El Bierzo, Northern Spain), titled A Ponferrada me voy (To Ponferrada I am going) says in one of its verses: and after having sung to the Patron Saint of El Bierzo, I am going to ask for rain because the peppers are drying out. These two women dressed in the regional costume of El Bierzo, supported by a large oak tree and the skeleton of the old industry, represent the past, the present and the future of this region; a region that, like many others in Spain, has had in coal the main support of its development throughout the 20th century. However, in the last decades, this territory has seen how its population and its productive fabric have been diminishing little by little because of a deficient decarbonization process.

Que se secan los pimientos (Peppers are drying out in English) is, therefore, a metaphor about time, generational change and the transformation of the territory, where the past remains behind the two protagonists, who represent, at the same time, the present and the future of the region, and from whose basket fall the bell pepper flowers that will come to sow that future in which we will continue to sing A Ponferrada me voy.